Danail's Status (1)Mature

Danail's Status: Stupid tail...

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 Ymri: Suckaaaaaah!

Sarah: Pwnt!

Rahad: *"Pwnd" is the correct spelling of that, I believe.

Sarah: Not if you pronounce it po-nt *eyeroll*

Rahad: That is not technically correct terminology, as the term is an abbreviation of "pawned", which would sound more like "paw-nud" when shortened. Your pronunciation is flawed.

Sarah: I'm going to flip you the next time I see you!

Rachael: Technically it's an abreviation of owned, that was typoed with a p. As to Sarah's pronunciatin, she sounds no less funny than you.

Sakiri: Rahad ... you just got rinsed in the highest meaning of the word.

Rahad: Are you insulting me?

Sakiri: No duh.

Rahad: Don't you start on me, woman!

Kairin: What was that, snob?

Rahad: ....uh oh.


[Again the Elo and Spook combination hit. *grin* Since Spook mentioned the tail two chapters ago I though I'd bring up this nice little conversation. Its her Aserion Trilogy and my Phoenix Trilogy at it again. With a nice snide remark from my Spacer Rachael (first chapter)]

The End

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