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Leah: Dammit, Father caught me going down to the training ground again. Now I've got no sword. What am I meant to do now. And why was he up at that time anyway?
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Cormac: Because I told him you'd be there?

Leah: I hate you.
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Alex: I hate him too. Let's all hate Cormac.

Cormac: You'll regret that, Alex.

Alex: What can you do to me? Unfriend me? *snorts*

Cormac: I'll ... I'll poke you.

Leah: Guys. Be nice.

Alex: Hey, you said you hated him first.

Leah: True. Carry on.

Cormac: I could message the Dagda.

Alex: What can he do to me? He's not even on my friends list. And neither are you, for that matter. Damn, I'm gonna have to unfriend Leah if I don't want you talking to me...

Cormac: He doesn't need to be on your friends list, he's the Dagda. Um, magic and stuff?

Alex: Magic doesn't work on Facebook.

Leah: Is that why?!

Alex: Is that why what?

Leah: Never mind.

Cormac: I know something you don't, and I'm not gonna tell you...
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Alex: Mel! I feel betrayed.

Mel: Whatever. I was bored. Had to let you know I was here somehow, right?

Alex: You really need to learn to talk to people.
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Mel: Three other friends? Wow, Leah, you have friends?

Leah: Are you stupid, or are you just suicidal? Insulting me really isn't a good plan.

Mel: (a) yes, I'm generally a bit suicidal, (b) you're on the other side of a computer screen and (c) you don't have a sword. Which is how this whole conversation started.

Mel and Leah are no longer friends.
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**All of these characters are from my book Watching which isn't on here. Alex, Leah and Cormac are fairies. The Dagda is Leah's dad, and Alex's too, although that's complicated. He's also the king of the fairies. He tends to torture Alex a lot, as does Cormac. Mel's a thrill seeker.**

The End

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