General Wholawski's StatusMature

Wholawski's status: Has anyone seen my assassins?

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Ryan: BOO!

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General Wholawski: I'll get you little boy, and that Sarah of yours too!

James: I think you need to cackle after you say that sir, for the full effect.

General Wholawski: *cackle*

Kia: Oooh, if I were wearing boots I would be trembling in them xP

General Wholawski: >_< Your lucky there is an ocean between us or you would be trembling, boots or no

Mathew: He likes it when they keep their boots on.

James: You would know.

Kairin: ^ This

Rahad: @Wholawski, * "you're", not "your". Your grammar is evidently as bad as your attempts at fornication.

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Danail: @Wholawski .... Fail. xD

General Wholawski: Need I remind you who has the peacock tail?

Danail: Sooner have a big tail to a small *word censored by author*

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Caeren: You go, little bro xD

Danail: *smug grin*

Sarah: Shit, did I just like something the peacock said?

Danail: You did. HA!

Gwythryn: Watch your luck, or, peacock or no, we'll pluck you like a chicken.

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{As usual, Ryan, Wholawski, Sarah, Mathew, the Grand Pairents, the Princes, Rachael and James belong to Elorithryn, while the rest are mine. 
NB: The peacock tail came about as a result of our hilariously bizarre email conversations. As a result, Danail is now walking around with a huge tail attached to his rear ... in our heads, anyway.
And no, we're not mad in the slightest ;P} 

The End

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