Aero: Would really like to be at home right now instead of running from these stupid shadows.

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Mason: How many times do I have to say I'm sorry?

Aero: It doesn't matter how many times you say it. Apologizing won't change anything. I told you we shouldn't have gone to see The King.

Mason: Well, if The King had been in a better mood none of this would be happening. What about you? Where's this resistance camp you've been dragging on about?

Aero: Better mood? You told him, to his face, that no one liked him and that it was time for a new king. Of course no one actually does like him, but you don't say it to his face!
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The King: I'm not that bad of a guy am I?

Reginald (Resistance Leader): Dude, you're looking for a book so that you can control everything in this dimension and any the other dimensions that you can find a way into. Yeah I'd say you're a bad guy!

Aero:  @Reginald!!! Your messenger's directions sucks! Where the hell is your camp??
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Reginald: Just keep going you're almost there!

Aero: That's not an answer! Can't you just come get us? You obviously know where we are.

Reginald: But that ruins the fun of finding it!

The king: hopefully they meet a shadowy death first? Just a thought.
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Mason: Yeah... deffinatley not a good guy...


[Not all of this info. is written yet and Reginald was litterally made up on the spot a couple minutes ago but all of these characters will be found in my off site story...that is still being written. And once again I would like to point out that no... it is not Elorithryn's Sarah!]

The End

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