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This is also if the dislike button existed! :}

Mia Williams: :/ don't quite know what to do

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Hailey: babe, what's up?xx

Mia: inbox me. :( i need to speak to my best friend

Asher: You'll be fine, it's what you wanted.

Mia: ...

Hailey: Who's this guy? ;)

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Mia: Just a friend. 

Hailey: Ahhh it's not that dude you introduced me to outside school is it?! Hey Asher, remember me? 

Mia: FML

Asher: ? Sorry I don't remember.

Hailey: Come on, it's hard to forget a face like mine ;)

Asher: Obviously nothing special if I can't remember you. :)

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Hailey: -.- thanks guys.

Mia: Can you stop clogging up my notifications please? Thanks! Hailey can I come over please? I need to talk to you.

Asher: no you don't. 

Hailey: Course you can :) 

Mia: It's pretty serious though. :/ I just really need to get it off my chest

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Asher: really? don't do it mia. 

Mia: shutup! :( it's your own fault in the first place that i'm like this!

Gabriel: ok can you guys please take this conversation elsewhere? you're spamming me now.

Hailey: good.

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This was taken from my story 'Fallen'. It's on pause at the minute! But it includes these four characters and I'm quite fond of it. :}

The End

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