Gregory's Status (1)Mature

Gregory's status: My Mother tried to set me up Again!

Mathew: you should stick to the Wenches*
* Elo's Vervellean term for 'working lady', who are socially acceptable by the way ;}

Lord Robert's Heir: With his luck she'd forget to see a witch and have twins. :/

Gregory: you're not helping! >:-(

Kairin: LOL

Illirion: Sorry Gregory, you had this coming.

Gregroy: How? O.o

Illirion: You'll see when Hama brings you back to Skatha. Mwua ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Gregory: I'm doomed! *cowers*

Sarah: Cheer up it could be worse.

Lynn: They could be hyennas *snicker*

Hama: Who needs hyenas? We've got a manticore ;)

Sarah: Is it female?

Hama: It's an in-joke, sorry xP

Danagh: Roflmao  


[No SpookOgNight's Characters and Elorithryn's don't get along.. at all... *grin*]

The End

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