Lliroi's StatusMature

Lliroi's Status: I'm surrounded by idiots ...

Your Great-Grand Pairents like this

Gwythryn: Hardly surprising, seeing as one of them has earned himself a tail.

Lliroi: -_-

Gwythryn: PWNAGE!!

General Wholawski: You are the one who appointed them all so only you can be blaimed.

Danail: I'm with the General. It's your fault for hiring .... wait, what was that Aeserion?

Gwythryn: ROFLCOPTERS!!!!

Sarah, Lynn, Jason and Mathew like this 

(Lliroi, Gwythryn, and Danail belong to me - you can find them in "Warrior" and its sequels. General Wholawski, Sarah, Lynn, Jason and Mathew belong to Elorithryn, from her "Phoenixes of Vervell" series)

The End

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