Fuurai: Get me a GunMature

Fuurai: Get me a gun.

Amadeus: What kind of gun? ;)

Aura: What's up?

Aura: Oh. Amadeus 'Joker' stop bothering Fuurai, you have me to bother... ;) *couldn't resist* :P

Amadeus: I wasn't excluding you, come along if you want. *laughs at self*

Kyiiko: I don't want to see comments like this, if you carry on I WILL fire you!

Amadeus: You're such a buzzkill :(

Fuurai: *feels saved*

Faevun: What have you been up to now Joke? Haha you're worse than Nadge, Kaz and the rest of Xo's soldiers.......

Amadeus: :O How dare you :/ XD

Kazaniyt-heil: *glares at Fae*

Nadja-torves: *laughs quietly*

Aura: Nadja-torves (Nads) You need to change that to silently.......

Amadeus: Oy, back on topic people!

Fuurai: God no!

Amadeus: Don't tell me no!

Faevun: Ever heard 'it's an expression' Joke you pleb?

Aura: What does pleb mean?

Faevun: *shrugs*

Nadja-torves: *silently :/ Happy now?

Aura: Perfect. *LAUGHS*

Amadeus: (about pleb comment) :'(

Aura: Haaaaaaaaaaa

Faevun: XD


Amadeus/Joker, Kyiiko, Fuurai and Aura are from Longtiere of the Rose (on here).
Faevun, Nadja and Kaz are from Catching Majik (also on here).

The End

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