Jack Gold:Mature

Jack Gold: Just had a bad dream...again!

Claire: You think YOU had a bad dream???? Try it again from my point of view!

Jack Gold: Hey I tried to stop it!

Claire:Yeah well apparently not hard enough...

Jack Gold: Claire don't be like that!!

Claire changed her relationship status from "In a Rleationship" to "Single" <3

Jack Gold: WTF????????? Over a dream? Really?

Claire: Yep! Unless you wanna come over and "change my mind"....P.S. my parents aren't home. ;)

Jack Gold: I could do that... as long as we have enough time this time.

Claire: Oh yeah! shes working a long shift tonight.
Jack Gold likes this.

Jack Gold: I'll be over in a bit. ;)

Mason: Get a room!

Aero: Yeah guys come on.

Claire: We have one, its at my place. And don't worry Aero....we will.

Sarah: You guys are sick! you don't post this kind of stuff on Facebook!

Jack Gold: Don't be a hypocrite! We don't complain when you and Mason put up posts and I'm surprised that Aero and Isabella haven't complained, considereing you and Mason are only ten feet away from them when you guys get at it.

Aero: Why would we complain? We're brothers, and Isabella and Sarah are best friends. We enjoy sharing ;)

Isabella: AERO!!!!!

Sarah: AERO!!!!!

The King: Guys, guys, you're blowing up my feed! Stop!.....Also, I shall rule you all!....Just gotta find that damn book!!!


[Jack and Claire can both be found on Protag in my story FreeFall (a work in progress). Sarah (NOT Elorithryn's Sarah), Mason, Aero, Isabella, and The King are characters from my off site story (also a work in progress)]

The End

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