Mathew's Satatus (1)Mature

Mathew's Status: Phoenix has vanished. Again. Someone get me another drink.
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Kairin: Whose buying?

Jason: I will, in about three months! :D

Mathew: You better buy me a whole bar in three months!

Lord Robert: I will if you can find a wife for Gregory.

Hama: That could be arranged ... Lord Robert: I'm listening.

Gregory: Mathew, unfriend my father this instance!

Mathew: No way this is too entertaining.

Hama: We could drop by Vervell sometime with some candidates, if you would like. There are plenty of young ladies here who have expressed an interest in your son, and I assure you they would keep him well out of trouble.

Danagh: That's one way of putting it ...

Gregory: I would... Wait did you say Ladies? :)

Lord Robert: How about I ship  him to you. No strings attached.

Hama: I'll be there in a week.

Brianne: Gregory, if you know what's good for you, you'll start running. Very fast. Now. xD

Gregory: Why? I like ladies.

Sarah: Yes but these are Skathian ladies.

Mathew: They are like Sarah, on crack.

Gregory: What? O.o *starts running*

Lord Robert: Let me know whn you get here I have a fast horse you can use to catch him.

Hama: That won't be necessary. Trust me ;)
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[Half of these guys are from Vervell (a world of Elorithryn) the other half are Erion/Skathian (A world of SpookOfNight) they all can be found here on Protagonize.]

The End

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