Facebook Character ConversationsMature

What would sort of facebook conversation would your characters have with your other character, or with characters of another author?

Rembrandt's Status: Bored.

Rachael: You can always swing by my place.

Rembrandt: Come get me?

Rachael: I'll do more than get you ...

Emerald: o_O

Racahel: You can join if you like.

Michael: Fuck it. I'll join.

Rachael: That would be the point ;)

Rembrandt: Woohoo! Threesome!

Andallas: I am NOT scraping you off the floor after those two are done with you.

Emerald: Yeah, we'll be carrying your entrails home in a bucket.

Rembrandt: Why don't you two come join me then? ;)

Racahel: I've got plenty of dive to go around, and I promise to be nice. ;)

Shard: Yeah nicely naughty.

Andallas: Erm, I'm afraid I will have to dec ... sorry, got to log out, Em's just collapsed.

Shard: LOL

Rachael: Well Rem, you can't come unless your over. ;)

Rembrandt: On my way as we speak! :D


[Rachael and Michael belong to Elorithryn, the rest are SpookOfNights. None of these characters have seen the light of Protagonize, except Rachael.]

The End

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