F$%* My Life!

In this exercise you can write down the most embarrassing, stupid, regrettable things you have said over the week and tell them in the most face-palm fashion possible, BUT before you can write about your own dramatic fails you MUST write a solution paragraph explaining how to solve their problems. This is my perfectly imperfect way of spreading the love! Go on, I DARE you! Oh and by the way you must add at the end of every fail: FML! :D

I'll start us off with my own fails this week:

My dog is crazy, gets high on anything and is always desperate for a play-fight. While tackling him with his paws scratching at me I accidentally twisted his paw. His yelp was that high-pitched that it cracked one of the windows in the corner. FML!

Umm I haven't told him yet, but when I went to get my coursework from my folder I took it out and (somehow-honestly I don't know how) I ripped it halfway down. I started hyperventilating until I realised it was actually the coursework of someone else in my class! FML!

And the biggest one of all: A friend/ex-girlfriend of one of my best friends went a few days ago on the operation table for her spine. When she and another friend started smiling and hugging after reading a text- I asked if it was (insert name here). It wasn't, I pissed her off and I think I made her cry. FML!

Don't worry about writing up some tips for me, just write away!

The End

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