Eyes are funny things.

Its funny just how potent eyes can be. They can lock one day in passing, and leave you tongue-tied. They can be happy, sad, faraway. Lost in memories or full of stars.

I locked eyes with you once. It was a passing thing, a polite 'Hello' on the street, headphones dangling. You smiled at me, and I had to stop myself looking back after you once you'd gone. You wore that hoodie, the one that looks like it'd be so comfortable. The strings weren't level, and I was so close to tugging the left one down to meet the right, a little gesture to stop you walking away. But what would you think of THAT? I smiled and walked away, a simple Hello our only interaction. I walked with a string in my step, butterflies in my stomach. 

The world was suddenly a little bit brighter. I wondered why the sun wasn't beating down, or why the little girl over the road was still dragging her feet and moaning. Then I realised. Our meeting hadn't affected anyone else. Hell, I don't think it even affected you. But it stayed with me. 

I just wanted you to know. 

The End

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