There's something about the way the light dances across the room,

And somehow makes its way to your face.

You glow, 

And I swear I could have died right there,

Knowing your shine could never be outdone.

Your light is consuming,



And I hope,

I can only hope,

That I put the sparkle in your eyes,

That I am behind your smile that glistens,

That penetrates the most confined corners of my heart.

But most of all,

I hope that nothing,

Not pain,

Nor sorrow,

Nor brokenness, 

Nor hatred,

Will ever cast a shadow on the light you carelessly offer,

The shine you so effortlessly portray.

And if there comes a day when we are no longer together,

I have one prayer for you:

That the fire that burns inside of you

Is never extinguished by the darkness of this world.

The End

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