I Want To Tell You The Truth, I Really Do.

I want to tell you the truth. I really do.
Get real sister. I mean come on! Get a reality check! What? Me? No! Never! Arrrghhhh! The force! The force! Its killing me! Oh hi! I never noticed you! Ok now bye bye! xxxx Seriously now! Go! Oh yeah! That is.... CATFACE! But, What? Why are you leaving me? Please!!!! Stay!!! Uh! Get real! Me? No! Never! How dare you! Oh you like my necklace? It's diamondé! No you can't have it! The cheek on you! Oh you said you wished you could have it! I like you! I could sit here all night talking to you guys! You...what? Oh you want to stay too? Aww you're really sweet! Maybe we could be best buds! What? you already have one? Well good because I have Elly! Hummph! What a cheek! Oh you're still here! Sorry! Lets make up! Im sorry for all the bad deeds I did and I promise that I will do my best to love my god and serve my queen and country. To help other people and to keep the brownie..hang on thats my brownie promise! Lets be mates still though! Oh! I thought you had left long ago! You're the best! I have never had a friend who will listen to all my gabble! So um... where does this conversation go now? I mean.. Oh you have something to say? No? Oh! You're very quiet aren't you? Oh I forgot to ask what's your name? Speak up! You are tired? No? Yes? No? Maybe? No. Good. My eyes are droopy now because im tired. zzzzz....... Oh yes you were saying? Wow!! The world might flood next week? Ooooo ....... Cookies! Mmmm! Chomp! You are a good cookie maker! What!!!!???? These are what??? Cat biscuits??? Why didn't you tell me that that was why your cat attacked me! Ooo Good cat biscuits! Where did you get them? I am not sick! You are! No! You are! Are! Are! Are! Stop being so childish you.. you.. Hypocrit! I ...I...oooooo you!!! I like your sofa and oo nice dress! No I am not a burgular! I was just saying.. Nice socks! Ewwww!!! That was the one your cat ate? Ooo! Cheese!

The End

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