These words

These words amaze me. They are just out to hurt people. So if you don't like the sound of that, press the back button. Okay?

You see, i'm generally a person. You know one of them that just exists. And i'm ok with that. Thats actually what makes me happy is knowing I am me.

Not you.


And you can't and won't change me. No slags from the bus, no patronizing teacher, no boy who loves me and especially not a friend.

If you can't respect that I am different from you press the back button.

I feel things I can't describe.

Hate towards people I don't really know. Love for those who hurt me most. But the thing that I can't eve describe to my self, is why I push people away who care.

Can you?

Will you?

I need no answer so if you think you have a wise crack answer press the back button.

I hate time wasters.

Yet I can be one myself.

Some times I hate myself, the things I do and the people I like. But worst, the lies I tell to make myself someone else. Someone I want to be. Desperately. I need to be them.

If you're thinking 'What a nutter' well,  I don't need you or your thoughts so press the back button, alright?

I get restless.

The thing that makes me want to die.

I don't fit in.

I can't change.

But surely it's better to be in and unhappy that to be outside, alone in the cold.

And outsider.


Will you please press the back button?

Before I hurt myself.

And possibly you.

The End

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