Entry Thirteen

I crouched away from my father, he was usually like this and I was used to it. The strange boy who had come didn't seem to know how to react, but he suddenly stepped in front of me, blocking my father. He said something so fast even I couldn't understand, he sounded threatening but my father couldn't speak English anyway.

"No!" I cried as my father hit him instead of me, the boy yelped and fell back towards me, I caught him and helped him back up. "Father, do not hurt him!" I cried in my native tongue,

"Who is he?"

"A lost soul," I replied, "He was going to hunt with the men," I told him,

"Let him go then..." my father said, I turned to the confused boy,

"Take the spear and join the men," I told him,

"Why? I can't hunt,"

"They will teach you,"

"Is your father going?"

"No," I pushed him out the hut and turned to my father, "I will fetch Mother," I told him.


The End

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