Entry Ten

Her deep eyes held many secrets which I wished I knew; she peered up at me again and smiled gently,

"Sleep well?" she asked, I nodded and sat up rubbing my eyes, the smoke inside the hut made them sting, "hungry?" she asked,

"You don't have to feed me, you've done enough," I told her, her eyes flashed to a bowl with the same porridge from last night in it, it was steaming happily. I didn't say anything as I smiled and picked up the bowl,

"For me?"

"Yes," she smiled grinding hard at the corn; I spooned the mouthfuls in and laid the clean bowl in her line of sight,

"It's very nice," I told her, she stood up - she didn't need to stoop in the hut like I did - and handed me something. It was the fur of an animal; it was soft and strong,

"For you, to wear," she gestured me putting it on, I nodded and pulled on the jacket. It must have looked ridiculous but I immediately felt more at home amongst Lillia and her family,

"Now you go with men and kill beast." She stated handing me a spear,

"Me? I can't," I said shaking my head. 


The End

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