Entry Nine

One night was better than none. I wanted to get to know more about this strange girl. She spoke in a way that suggested she wasn’t the brightest tool in the shed, yet when you looked into her beautiful, earthy brown eyes; you could see a light-hearted intelligence dancing behind their surface. I could see kindness and grace in the way she walked and treated everyone around her, yet she carried bruises that prooved she didn’t have a role model for such things.

To say the very least, she intrigued me. I felt somehow attached to her. This Lillia girl was both the strangest and most beautiful creature I had ever set my eyes on. I followed her as she led me to her house and took me inside. She said something to her mother in another language before taking me to anther room, “You be safe her for tonight. Sleep there,” she told me, pointing to a small pile of assorted pelts. I saw the grey of wolf-fur mixed with the bark-brown of squirrel. As I looked back from examining my bed, I saw that Lillia had turned to leave. I wanted to call her back and talk with her more, but decided against it. She probably had other things to do, I wasn’t going to dredge her hospitatlity to it’s limits.

I moved over to the pile of furs and laid down on them, wrinkling my nose as a moldy smell wafted up from them and streamed into my nostrils. Taking short breathes from my mouth I looked at my watch. It was already 11:30! I closed my eyes and was asleep mere moments later. I woke up to see the sun was only just beginning to rise. I blinked sleepily and saw that the girl was sitting next to me, watching me with those kind brown eyes of hers. She realized I had woken up and quickly looked down, pretending to be busy with a mortar and pestle, grinding corn. I wondered what she was thinking?

The End

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