Entry Six

I was too tired to care about the beast's cry of pain, it was gone, I was safe. I heard the footsteps returning, I sat up and tried to control my breathing, I smiled as the first of the people came inside, I immediately knew they saw me as an outsider. The men had long black hair which fell to around their waists, the women also had long braided hair, their skin was tanned and most of the men worse only loincloths.

"Beast has gone," the first man said,

"Thank you," I smiled up at them,

"Hungry?" asked a woman,

"Starving," I replied,

"Lillia help you out," she indicated for me to go outside, I stood up on my legs which felt like jelly and walked out the hut. A young girl my age was standing outside, on seeing me so stopped twirling her hair and smiled,

"I'm Lillia," she greeted holding out her hand, I took it but instead of shaking it, she kissed it. "I will get you food," she explained, I smiled and followed her into a different hut. It seemed as if I had come across a native American village, the girl had shorter black hair which framed her face nicely, she passed me a bowl of something which looked like porridge.

"Eat." She commanded.


The End

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