Entry Five

The trees abruptly ended and I came out onto another grassy field. I grimaced, this meant I had to run faster with less obstacles for both the beast and I to dodge. I took a deep breath and winced as it seared my already-dry lungs. I looked around me as the wind rushed by. What was that? A light! I immediately turned around and started to run toward the shimmering group (yes closer inspection revealed that it was a group of lights coming from a small village) of lights. 

It took me about five agonizing minutes to arrive in the small town. As I came in a small crowd of people formed around me. They all carried some kind of weapon with them, one had a long knife, another a big dangerous-looking  club with a huge spike driven through it. I collapsed gratefully on the hard-packed dirt floor of the road as I heard the beast draw nearer. 

A loud thump sounded followed by a sharp yelp from the beast. The people began to pick up rocks and hurl them in the direction of the now-retreating beasts. Every time a rock found its target another piteous yelp sounded from the beast as it fled. 

The End

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