Entry Three

My face scraped against the velvety soil as I scrambled to put my arms in front of me. at last I managed to get them up as a barrier between the ground and my face. Too little to late however, I skidded to an abrupt stop against the trunk of a scraggly tree. The loping footsteps grew closer to me and I was forced to lay perfectly still. Maybe it wouldn't see me. 

I carefully calmed my breathing down, making it as minimal as possible. The steps slowed down and I heard quite snuffling as the creature stopped and looked around. It's ghastly red eyes looking this way and that. A big scar cleaved it's nose in half, its sense of smell was gone completely; yet it seemed to believe that it could still smell. I loped over to me and every muscle in my body tensed up. I held my breath as it's putrid, hot breath crawled across my skin. 

The End

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