I swear, I only write one page stuff!

We'll see where this goes.

Reminisce, I just want to remember you, as you, for you, wistfully with you. You are you. And I am me. We are separate, you and I, but here we meet. I peer and peak at you; you might be doing the same. Yes, reader, I am writing to you, and in your head now, reading your brain. The brain, not the mind. That's yours, and yours alone.

I can't go on with this, so let's switch subjects!

We were meant to be, and we hate them. They suck, we rule. We will conquer, and pillage, but never amongst ourselves. We swear, we will end them.

So, we are very hostile to the third person.

I am great. I am big. I am bad, naughty, true. And, I am small. But what of it? No not suicide. Just a bit of fun, killing time. (Do I have to rate this mature, now? I think I do.)

The End

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