Excerpt: Influx

Excerpts and drabbles -- they get my mind going. This is a simple exercise to warm up. As for a brief synopsis, a young woman is waiting aboard a ship. That's basically it.

Her eyes were fixated upon the landing dock several yards away. Every second, the stagnant terrain inched closer and closer; the dried dust of land become visible, as she had imagined. She felt herself quiver at the thought of arrival.

The hours on the ship had passed by excruciatingly slow. This was a conclusive moment -- the ship had no intention of returning to its original dock. Wiping a single droplet from her brow, her eyes finally felt free to wonder. The other passengers remained silent with the many expressions that went along with anxiety or impatience. Their faces were very unfamiliar, yet that was to be expected. They seemed as frightened, however, nothing short of exhilaration. And, she could relate to such a feeling. The vessel gave a light shutter, announcing its arrival to the dock. They stood, steady, somehow keeping their balance. She could hear the distant sounds of the deckhands communicating with one another, struggling to fasten the ship. It wasn’t large in size; it shouldn’t take too long.

There was an alarming noise, followed by an automatic, pre-recorded voice. It was nearly robotic. “All passengers may proceed to the car deck.”

The End

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