A City in Ruins

When I started this, I was a little naive on the distruction caused, now I see a city in ruins, since then there has been another more devestating Earth Quake in that city with lives lost.

Today there are people who have on only lost loved one's but a lot who have lost everything.  I watch the news and I see a ruined city, yet one with a big heart trying to rebuild it's self. 

After the last Quake, Japan had a Tsumani, and somewhere in South America, Chili or Argintinia, right now have an volcano, which is causing havoc, not only the people that live there, but also the rest of the Southern Hemisphere, as the ash cloud which has just travelled three times over the country where I am.

Recently I was on line found a site that charted all the earth tremors that have hit Christchurch, New Zealand, (www.christchurchquakemap.co.nz) it shook me as it shows the quakes and after shocks, and thanked god I wasn't still living up there.

Then with after shocks they had experienced since the first quake, Sept 4, 2010 to  June this year, and the worst one where lives where lost 22 Feb, 2011 -  7638, that number is now close if not over 10,000.

Everyone who is living there are traumatised, especially I think the children.

Then I have to give thanks again, and pray for those who have lost everything, not only here, but in other countries in the world.  Loved one's and property, both of which so far in my life time I have lost, but have to admit, not due to the earth's violence, which seems to be affecting so many places on our little planet we call Earth.

The End

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