Earth Quake Yesterday

Yesterday, Christchurch in New Zealand was hit by a powerful earthquake, which was graded 7.1 on the Richter scale.  The most amazing thing is that there have been no fatalities.  Although a bustling town lies in ruins. 

Buildings lie in ruins, the city's been cordoned off, to keep looters and the people out, only those that have to get in are being allowed in.  Yesterday and today have been continual reports and pictures of the devastation, buildings, homes, offices, churches lie in ruins.

For the first six months when I first arrived here, I lived in that beautiful city, and now look at the devastation shocked, and yet thankful that I am not there now. Watching people as they tell their stories of what happened, and how they survived. It is painful to watch, yet to wonder at what inner strength it takes to get through something like this.

Maybe my story was not the right choice yet, sometimes one needs to look at the fragility of everything, of the earth and the natural disasters happening around us, and think about what if we didn't have it we would really miss, maybe then we can appreciate it more today.







The End

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