How Oxymoronic.

  • Easy Complication
  • Lively Weariness
  • An Unimportant Protagonist
  • A Resounding Silence
  • Quiet Confidence
  • Logical Foolishness
  • Present Absence
  • Hateful Love
  • Despairing Happiness
  • Tears of Joy
  • Cold Fire
  • Early Morning Sunset
  • Aching Comfort
  • Bleeding Stone
  • Shy Confidence
  • Dying Breath
  • Forgotten Memory

There are of course a hell of a lot more but.. I like these.

This was actually the reason I made this whole 'story' in the first place - all of these in my mind... I just think that English can be so pretty sometimes and these are just an example of that.

English = my guilty pleasure

The End

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