I sat in my room. I hummed softly under my breath, a song I had learned long ago. I fiddled with my shoulder-length blonde hair, looking around.

 I looked in the mirror, beside my bed, and I gasped. My eyes were like little videos, playing... I stared at the mirror, and even though it was only a reflection, I saw my own life. More specifically, it was playing what I had seen since I had gotten my power.

"No..." I whispered. "And now everyone who looks at me sees me- a freak. I can't hide it." I jumped up and crashed on my bed. I started crying.

Long after the tears had dried, and I had cried myself out, I sat up. I grabbed a pair of sunglasses and put them on. I looked in the mirror again and saw nothing but myself- not my eyes, the little videos.

I squared my shoulders and sighed. I wouldn't always be able to hide them... but at least not everyone would see my eyes. I looked again at the mirror.

"That'll be alright." I said to myself. I took the sunglasses off, and lay on my bed. Finally I fell asleep, and wrestled with my dreams.

The End

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