Brendon: Always Been A Warm Person

I couldn't sleep that night. Mom had taken me to the hospital the second I got home and luckily my fall at the pool hadn't cracked my skull. It had, however, left me with ten stitches in my head. I tossed and turned in bed all night, groaning when I noticed beads of sweat hovering above my head. I looked at the clock next to my bed. It wasn't even midnight yet. I groaned again and got out of bed, pushing the levitating water droplets out of the way.

                  *                                           *                                         *

I got to the pool a little after midnight. I knew I'd be waiting a long time for everyone but honestly it didn't bother me. Luckily everyone affected seemed to be a teenager. That's one thing I wouldn't have been able to put up with. Some little kid crying for their momma because they ended up weird like the rest of us. The pool had been refilled with water and I found myself sitting with my legs in the cold liquid. It didn't feel all that cold to me, though. I'd always been a warm person, capable of walking around in the snow in boardshorts. I looked up at the stars and sighed. A little while later one of the girls arrived.

"Hello" I said quietly. I'd never really been a people person but I figured I'd try and be nice. She didn't seem to acknowledge me beyond a nod, though. "Oh, nice to see you too" a little too sarcastically for my liking.

She rolled her eyes and said "Hello". I think I upset her.

The End

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