Belle: Head Cold?

I shake my head, "Maybe this could be like...a head cold or something." I shrug and hear a chuckle beside me.

"Head cold? Don't make me laugh. This is no head cold, it's something worse." Brendon  ignores my glare at him.

"Maybe it is something worse. But it could be a head cold. Like one of those 24 hour things. I think we should just go home to sleep, and when we wake up maybe things will be normal again." they all gave me a confused look, "Okay, let's just try it. It's going to be late soon any way." 

"Right, so we go home and sleep, then meet back at the pool let's say...1:00am?" Jaila looks at her watch and we all nod, "Right, so I'll see you guys at 1:00." 

"Cya," "Bye," "Bye!" everyone said, going off into different directions. 


I knew I couldn't sleep any more. It had already been a few hours. I ended up getting to the pool early, only to be greeted by the boy Brendon who'd tried to change my accusation of a head cold. I slowly walked over and sat down on a sun bed. 

"Hello," he said quietly, I nodded once, "Oh, nice to see you too." I rolled my eyes and turned to him.


The End

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