I watched everyone. It seems we all could do some really freaky stuff. I didn't want to seem like a freak, though. I looked at Jaila, focussing for a moment. I saw her life play out.

"Jaila, you were a terribly funny todler." I laughed. She gave me a very strange look. "Sorry, I can see your past. If I focus on someone or something, I can see what happened to them in their past. Things look strange."

She laughed too. "Wow, this could be embarassing."

"Yeah..." I said. I looked around, looking at as many people as I could. "We should figure out what everyone else can do... we don't want to chance anyone getting hurt by a mere accidental thought."

Some people looked about uneasily at my words. "Sorry for the mention, but that mostly means Summer, and Brendon." I said.

"There's nothing wrong with us!" I heard somone say. I sighed in exasperation.

"Yes, there is! It doesn't mean we're evil, deranged, or anything like that. We're just different." I said. "And we just gotta live with it, okay?"

The End

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