Bliss: Capella


If Summer got to do a wierd freaky thing then I should be able to, as well. After all, it was in my nature to be freaky.

I searched through the hum of noise and selected one at random.

Hello? Hi? It's um.. Bliss. I, er, thought I should try something out - I mean, that Summer girl just whacked somebody round the head with ice.. Erm.. If you can hear me just say something back in your head, please.. I bit my lip, staring around the room. The new girl, Capella, stood frozen in her tracks, eyes wide. Is it you, Capella? I felt like an absolute loonatic.


I think so.. I honestly don't know how I managed to mutter in my mind, but I did. Capella looked over at me.

"HOLY CRAP!! HOW DID YOU DO THAT!!" She ran over to me and everybody stared at us.

"I have no idea." I didn't know why I was grinning.

"You have to teach me how to do that!"

"I - I don't think I can. Sorry. Umm... Can I have a minute?"

"Sure," She said, thrusting herself onto a treadmill.

And I disappeared into the sunlight.

The End

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