Summer: Ice

I wander away from the group to get my head round what happened. I made a ball of ice back in the now empty pool, which is definitely not normal. I think about it for a bit, and then make another ice-ball appear in my hand. I couldn't explain how, I just want it to be there and it is. I try a chocolate bar but nothing happens. Huh, not conjuring, just ice. I drop the ball again but like before, it doesn't fall. I make it float around a bit, then create a few more and send the ice whizzing round the hall at high speed, away from everyone else. I bring all of the ice-balls into a circle around me like some sort of giant floating crystal bracelet and rotate wildly, and there is a crack and someone says "Ow!" right next to me. The girl who introduced herself as Cappella appears beside me, pressing her hand to her head. 

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry, I didn't see you!" I exclaim, creating a small rectangle of ice and handing it to her.

"Of course you didn't see me, I was invisible," she says, putting more pressure than is probably safe on the ice block. It typically smashes, shards flying everywhere. I vanish them- I've figured out I must be cryokinetic, so I can control ice as well as create it.

The End

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