Capella : Hellooo

My eyes open slowly under the scorching sun, my arms ache, my legs ache and I seem to be lying on the grass, instead of in the shade under the oak tree. I stand up, brushing the sweat away from my forehead, and the water in the swimming pool is gone. Maybe everyone left early? But everyone's things were here, and everyone has disappeared. I keep as close to the shade as possible as I walk towards the building.

Reaching the tall structure, I pull open the door quietly. My dark eyes are still a little blurry from all that heat. Then I see five figures towards the end of the big hall and sigh in relief. I slip into the room and walk over, feeling the cold air from the air conditioning cool my clammy neck and blow my black hair about. My dark eyes concentrated on the group of people there.

"I'm Summer." I hear someone introduce.

"Bliss." "Hey I'm Sierra." "Oh, I'm Bliss."

"Hi!" I exclaim, grinning at them. I see them tense and frown, looking around suspiciously.

"Who was that?" Somebody whispers.

"Dunno," "Wasn't me," they murmered. Is this a joke?

"Erm, I'm Capella." Suddenly, a blast of wind hits me, clearing my head. I hold my hand up to brush my hair back, and I see nothing where my hand should be.

"Ahhhh!" I scream, "Can't see my hand." I look down at my feet, can't see them either. Concentrate, I say to myself. I close my eyes, then hear the group of people gasp. I open them again and find myself visible.

"Hi," I repeat.

The End

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