Belle- Introductions

I stared into the pretty girl's eyes, envying them and comparing them to mine. I gently pull a strand of hair behind me ear, flicking it out of my face. I fiddle with my hands and shake my head.

"I honestly don't know. I was just getting a diet coke and bang! That happened. But...somehow the cut on my foot disappeared, see?" I lifted up my foot, taking off my flipflop and examining it. Not a scratch. 

"So, I guess we should just get to know each other, seeing as no-one else is really here." she looked around suspiciously, "I'm Jaila." I even envied her name. How foolish could I possibly get?

A boy nodded once, lifting one finger up to his forehead in salute, "Brendon." he smiled, showing a great row of shining white teeth. I looked away. Everyone here seemed to be so popular and beautiful compared to me. 

"I'm Summer." a girl said from behind me, I turned, looking into her large amber eyes. That was a pretty name. 

"Bliss." she wasn't very girly, which made me feel happy that I fitted in a little. I wasn't nerdy or girly. Maybe in the middle. I smiled, she was pretty too. They all looked to me. 

"-Hey, I'm Sierra." a girl interrupted my introduction. This girl was popular. Beautiful. Yet another person for me to envy. They all looked towards me again.

"Oh, I'm uh, Belle..."


The End

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