Bliss: Damn

I walked around, tying my shiny, shaggy, shoulder length brown hair into a high ponytail. A buzz filled my ears, sounds of panic, worry, fascination, amazement.

I ran and grabbed my clothes that were hanging on the back of a chair. I slipped the checkered black and white boob tube cotton dress over my - now - dry bikini and went and sat on a chair. I tried to think about what was happening; but it hurt. Ow.

But I was positive about two things.

1)Whatever had happened today, I was not going to tell my parents.

2)I'm a freak.

I groaned, then sighed, then threw myself back against the hard wall. It didn't hurt, it was oddly comforting, so I did it again.


Okay, it hurt that time.

I laid on the marble floor and pressed my hot, flushed cheek against it. It was cool; in the shade.

Damn, I needed to find out what had happened.


The End

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