Belle- What Just Happened?!

I slowly lifted my head up, shaking my dark hair and wiping my face, dazed. 

What on gods earth just happened?

I looked around, only a few girls were still at the pool. I stood up above the bar, lifting up my bikini strap. I slowly walked over to them, looking over the pool.

It was empty.

"Umm...some of you guys are in my classes right?" I smiled, they looked my way and nodded, "Er, would you be as so kind as to tell me what just happened?!" 

I took a step forward, but some sharp piece of chipped tile went into my heel. I yelped in pain, hopping and lifting it up, then yanking it out. 

A tear of blood popped out of it, I wiped it away, along with my tears and looked at it. The girls around me stared at my foot in shock. 

"It's gone. My cut's gone." 

The End

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