Jaila: WTF?


I am laying on the bottom of the pool. Which would be weir in and of itself, but there is no water in the pool to grab at my breath. I jump up.

That probably wasn't a good plan. my head starts to spin and so does the ground. They spin and I tilt and the concrete bottom comes rushing up to meet me.

I wish I was dead. Or at the very least not here. I wish that whoever it is that is talking and acting shocked at whatever will not find me. Of corse, they do. But, they don't do it very nicely.

A girl walks over, and trips over me. I am sure there is plenty of room around, but she desides to walk over me. And she can't even do that well.

"Hey!" It is the girl. I know her. Her name is Seirra. She is in my AlgebraII class.

someone else asks what happened. Seirra replies that she tripped over something. I am so mad that I get up slowly, ignoring my throbbing head. She has gotten up, and is walking away. She hears me and turns around. Then, she screams.

I didn't think I looked that bad....

The End

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