Loading Bay

Cara Riesling – 2 hours until impact

“Guys? We need to move, now!”

They both sprang to their feet, only to see Valyria flinging the door open and running into the hall.

Cara barely had time to process what was happening before she saw the robot zipping through the air.

She bounded towards the door and, jumping into the air, followed Valyria mid-flight.

“Want to tell me what happened?” she called, glancing back to see Raygo just behind them on a path of ice.

“I thought it was deactivated.” Valyria yelled back, “I was just messing around-”

“Seriously? Messing around?”

“Yell at me later! We kind of have a robot to escape!”

“Are we even going the right way?” Raygo asked, glancing behind them.

“We’re headed towards an elevator.” Valyria hollered back, “It’ll take us to the loading bay. After that, we’ll have to find the decks.”

The lights flickered and Cara cursed.

“Magneto? What was that?” Valyria asked, dread in her voice.

“The generators are starting to give out. We need to get to the escape pods, now.”

They rounded a corner and quickly piled into the elevator, and Cara pushed it up as the lights flickered again.

They had just reached the floor when a loud siren met their ears.

Security breach detected. All units to loading bay.

“That can’t be good.” Valyria muttered, as Cara pried the doors open.

“We don’t have the time for this.” Raygo sighed, exasperated.

“We blast our way through if we have to.” Cara replied, “We have the firepower.”

“Okay, chief.” Valyria affirmed.

“And no matter what happens,” she continued, “It was an honour fighting beside you.”

The door finally opened and they rushed out, scanning their surroundings.

They were in a huge area, with steps that led to multiple decks above them, the majority of which were empty.

“Fifteen, sixteen and seventeen.” Valyria muttered, “Though god knows how we’d get up there in time.”

Cara didn’t have the time to reply. Over the sound of the siren there was the sound of steel against steel.

She turned to the sound and saw them.

“Sweet Jesus.”

There, marching in through an attached hall, were rows upon rows of robots, armed to the teeth.

Surrender. Surrender.

“Get to the stairs.” Cara ordered, “We can’t fight them all.”

They started to run, Cara just behind them.

They were halfway up the flight of stairs when the firing started.

Cara pulled a magnetic shield around them, catching the bullets as they approached.

They were on the second flight of stairs when they looked up to see robots on the platform above them, holding their machine guns down towards them.


“Onto Plan B.” Cara yelled, pushing with her mind and shooting forwards the bullets she had caught into the robots.

Vines quickly snaked around their feet and arms, tearing a few of them apart. Raygo raised his hands and shot streams of fire at the stragglers, melting them.

The three ran through the wreckage of robots onto the next staircase, quickly finding themselves in another flurry of combat.

Cara smashed two robots together, pulling one of their guns to her and using it to shoot another down.

When more robots approached she sent them sprawling off of the stairs, crashing to the floor hundreds of feet below.

They finally reached Deck 15, and swarmed towards the silvery shuttle poised on it.

Raygo peered inside and moved back, stunned.

"There's only two seats."

The End

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