Cara Riesling – 8 hours until impact

“Come on you two, we’ve got somewhere to be.”

Cara looked up to see Valyria at the door, and moved to follow her into the hall.

“Maybe you read it before?” she offered to Raygo, “Sometime before we…woke up?”

“Maybe.” He replied, thinking, “If we had more time…”

He trailed off, and they continued through the wing in silence.

“Okay, elevators at three o’clock.” Valyria announced, “Magneto, do your thing.”

Cara stepped forwards, concentrating and forcing open the metal doors. Everyone piled in and, taking a deep breath, she pushed them up another floor.

As soon as the doors were open she felt her legs give way, and Raygo caught her, lowering her gently to the floor.

“Are you okay?” he asked, leaning her against the wall and brushing her hair out of her face.

“Yeah.” She panted, getting to her feet, “It’s just…easier when I’m angry.”

She tried to hide her shame but was forced to accept Raygo’s arm when he offered it to her for support.

They started their progress down the hall, Valyria surprisingly failing to make a snide remark about her collapsing.

The hallway was entirely white, with its sterilized laminate and high-tech doors. It took a few moments before they reached a door that was ajar, and their unspoken curiosity forced them to walk in.

The lights hummed on, and Cara felt something hit her.

They were in a fairly small room, with a desk and a few chairs and what looked like a filing cabinet. But the wall across from them was made from glass, and Cara felt her blood run cold as she looked through.

That was it. That was the room where they had started.

The beds were still there, the sheets rumpled where they’d been lying. The dead flowers. The rotting fruit. The trapdoor on the floor through which Raygo and Valyria had probably reached the sewers.

“I can’t believe this.” Valyria muttered, pressing a hand to the glass.

A two-way mirror.

“They were watching us!” Cara exclaimed, “They kept us trapped in there, and they were watching us! Like...animals!”

“Cara…” Raygo started, as if to console her, but with little weight behind his voice.

“We were their guinea pigs! Their sick little experiment!”

One of the beds in the room smashed into a wall and Valyria grimaced.

“Raygo, can you calm her down before she goes ballistic?”

"Yeah, on it." he said hurriedly, turning towards Cara.

He almost stumbled back when he saw that her eyes had flushed silver, but regained his footing when something else crashed in the next room. 

"Cara, can you hear me?"

She didn't reply.

Raygo took hold of her hands and her irises quickly reappeared. Cara blinked, as if coming out of a stupor.

"Are you feeling okay?"

She nodded slowly, pulling away her hands.

"Sorry. I makes angry..."

"I know. I'm angry too." Raygo replied, "But you have to keep your head on straight."

"Yeah. I'm better now, thanks." 

The End

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