Cara Riesling – 10 hours until impact

As the room became illuminated, each row of lights flickering on, the massive expanse that was the gym became visible.

The florescent lights gleamed off of the shining wooden floors, and bounced off of the mirrored walls. The ceiling was impossibly high, and an array of machinery filled the space.

“This place is huge!” Cara exclaimed, her voice echoing.

“Boring.” Valyria muttered, folding her arms.

Cara walked to a set of weights and bars, testing one with a hand.

Raygo walked over and picked it up, swaggering with mock machismo.

“Allow me.”

“My hero.” Cara sighed, rolling her eyes good-naturedly.

She looked at the weights and without moving lifted them all ten feet into the air.

Raygo stepped back, surprised.


Cara set them back onto the rack, smiling.

“Not too shabby, huh?”

Raygo put down the weight he was holding, rubbing his arm.

“I’m impressed. Those things are heavy.” He admitted awkwardly, turning to look at something else.

Cara moved towards one of the machines, stepping onto it and pressing a button.

The ground under her feet lurched and she was forced to start running, grabbing onto the handles of the machine.

It was a few moments of harried sprinting before a word came into her mind.


She managed to turn it off and quickly jumped off, putting as much distance between it and herself as possible.

“Real smooth, Magneto.”

Cara resisted the urge to roll her eyes and ignored Valyria’s snark.

She felt something hit her from behind and whirled around, only to see an exercise ball rolling away from her.  Raygo struggled to keep a straight face, pointing at Valyria accusatorily.

Cara picked it up and hurled it at him, laughing as he jumped out of the way.

“Ha! Missed me!”

His triumph was short-lived. Cara caught the huge ball again and had thrown it, watching it arc through the air-

A vine shot up towards it and wrapped around it, squeezing.

There was a pop and a low whine as the ball deflated.

Cara and Raygo turned to Valyria simultaneously.

“If you haven’t forgotten, we have a schedule.” She muttered, “And this isn’t on it.”

Without another word she walked on towards the door on the opposite side, her arms crossed.

“Jesus, she just keeps getting better.” Cara sighed, trying not to hurl a weight at Valyria’s head of long dirty blonde hair.

“Well, you could always…talk to her…” Raygo started, scratching his head.

“I already told you, that’s not about to happen.” Cara replied, “If anyone should be apologizing-“

Raygo cut her off.

“There doesn’t have to be any apologizing. Maybe just a mutual agreement not to kill each other?”

Cara made a face.

“Come on,” he coaxed, “Just try to work things out. For me?”

“Fine.” She grumbled, walking ahead, “But no guarantees.”

Valyria walked faster as Cara tried to catch up, and Cara had to all but run to keep the pace.

“Valyria. We…should talk.”

“Raygo put you up to this, didn’t he?” she replied without turning to look at Cara or to slow down.

“What? Can we stay on the subject, please?” Cara asked, confused.

“Things have really changed, huh? I was in those sewers maybe a few hours, and suddenly you two are-“

“Look,” Cara started, cutting her off, “I don’t want to have this conversation any more than you do. Can we just…call a truce?”

Valyria looked at her momentarily, her blue eyes corrosive.

“Sure, BFF. Let’s just shake hands and pretend nothing happened.”

The End

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