Cara Riesling - 15 hours until impact

There was a variety of icons on the screen, and Cara clicked through, chewing on her lip.

“So…How did you learn how to hack into a computer exactly?” Raygo asked, curious.

Cara shrugged, closing a useless window.

“I can’t remember. I just…know. Part of it might be my ability.”

She opened what looked like a map program and leaned forward, zooming in.

“Do you remember where we left Valyria?”

Raygo made a face.

“I think it was near the main tank? The big one in the middle?”

Cara clicked it, watching as another window opened.

“I can drain the tank, but I don’t think that’ll help her out. Maybe I can…access some video feed.”

She typed in a few commands and another screen opened, and a grainy image flickered to life.

“Do you see anything?”

Cara clicked through the various views of the pipes, shaking her head.

“I don’t think so…”

She stopped, pointing to the screen.

“Wait! That…thing. Is that…?”

Raygo squinted, moving closer to the screen over her shoulder.

“Well, it’s moving. And I think I see something green. That’s got to be her.”

Cara returned to the map, searching the area close to Valyria.

“There’s a security exit not far from her.”

She clicked a button and the icon went green.

“It’s open now.” She said, returning to the video feed, “But I don’t know if Valyria will notice it.”

True enough, the moving shape didn’t move towards the door.

“How do we get her to go through?” Raygo asked, sighing.

Cara looked at the screen and played with the keyboard.

“I don’t know. Maybe I could…”

She shut the window and opened another program, typing quickly.

“What are you doing now?”

“I think there’s an emergency lighting system down there. If I can turn on the lights that lead to the door…”

“Then she’ll follow them out.” He said, completing her sentence.


After a few more moments of frantic typing and a few curses at the slow screen, Cara switched back to the video.

The lights flickered on, forming a path to the door. The duo watched anxiously as Valyria stopped moving, freezing with surprise. For a few moments she remained frozen, before starting to cautiously follow the lights.

Once she found the door and clambered out of the waist-deep water Cara let out a breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding.

“We did it!” Cara cheered, spinning around in her chair.

“Actually,” Raygo replied, stopping the chair, “You did it.”

“I’m sure you’d have done the same thing.” Cara smiled, "If you had the hacking skills, that is."

She wiggled her fingers tauntingly, still giddy with their success.

"That's...that's not what I mean." Raygo started, leaning a hand on each armrest, "I...shouldn't have doubted you."

Cara would have dismissed the remark, but she saw the seriousness in his eyes and her lightheartedness disappeared.

"I...It's okay. You don't have to-"

He moved closer, his eyes fixated to hers.

"I do."

Cara would have tried to reply, but she couldn't think to find the words. 

The space between them was shrinking. 

There were a thousand thoughts flying through her head, but they moved so quickly that she couldn't pin any of them down. 

She could feel his breath whispering by her cheek. Electricity was jumping across her knuckles. Her heart was pounding so loudly in her ears that she was surprised it didn't attract a swarm of robots.

"Miss me?"

Cara turned to the door, stunned.

Valyria stepped in, wringing the bottom of her shirt. When Cara turned back she realized Raygo was on the other side of the room.

"How'd you find us?" Raygo asked, scratching the back of his neck.

"The sewer opened right to this hall." she smirked, "I'm guessing Magneto here had something to do with the lights."

"Guilty as charged." Cara smiled, rubbing her hands together to settle the static.

Valyria walked over, raising her eyebrows.

"What's with the chair?"

Cara stared at her, confused, before she glanced down at the armrests. 

They were half melted, with two messy handprints visible.

"Um..." Cara started, covering them with her arms, "Weird design. Or some kind of industrial accident?"

She stood up, putting on a chipper smile.

"But who cares about that, we got you back!"

Valyria muttered under her breath as she was squished in a hug, waving Cara away.

"Yeah, yeah, skip the melodrama. Have you found a way out of this place?"

"There should be extra escape pods." Raygo offered, "If we can find a map, we can make our way there."

Valyria nodded. A few moments of silence passed before she threw her hands up in exasperation.

"Are you going to stand around and stare at me for the fifteen hours we have left, or find the map?"

Cara went into the hall, suppressing a smile. 

Good old Valyria.

The End

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