Cara Riesling - 16 hours until impact

Raygo looked like he was thinking.

"No...I guess not."

He tied the fabric into a knot and after a few moments Cara moved towards the door.

"We should cover some ground. That might get us closer to finding a map."

"Right, good idea."

They returned to the hall, passing room upon room of empty living quarters.

"This place is actually kind of creepy." Cara noted, "Beside the robots and infinite amount of death traps, I mean."

"Yeah." Raygo replied, in thought, "It's so...dead."

"I wonder what it looked like before. Full of people. Maybe even families."

She felt a twinge of sadness but kept her thoughts on Ark Space Station.

"It would have been different, that's for sure. The robots were probably friendlier." Raygo muttered.

"Why do they keep attacking us?" Cara asked, "I'm sure that wasn't in their original programming."

"Maybe it's a security function?" Raygo offered, "One that was switched on after the evacuation?"

"But why?"

He thought for a moment before responding.

"Maybe they want to make sure nobody gets in and steals anything? I've seen a lot of expensive equipment around here."

"Or..." Cara started, "They want to make sure nobody gets out."

They both went silent. 

After a few minutes they entered another wing, one with relatively few rooms and lower ceilings. 

"I wonder what this place is?" Cara asked, looking at the rooms they passed.

One was labelled 'BOILER ROOM' and a few others 'STORAGE'. Every few feet there was a sign plastered on the wall that proclaimed it was a staff-only area.

"Probably just a maintenance hall."

Cara stopped beside one of the doors, disbelief on her face. 



"This room has the sewage controls."

He stopped, turning.

"How did you know that?"

"It says 'Sewage Control Room'."

"Oh." he laughed, "Sorry. I think that gas destroyed some of my brain cells."

Cara smirked.

"Really? You almost seem smarter now!"

She pushed open the heavy door, stepping inside. Raygo entered after her, and they moved through the network of pipes in the room towards a set of computer screens at a desk.

Cara booted it up, glancing at the screen as it turned on.

"You good with computers?" Raygo asked, leaning on the back of the chair she was sitting on.

She cracked her knuckles, reaching for the slim keyboard.

"You could say that."

A password screen opened, and Raygo groaned.

"Seriously? Now what?"

"Now..." Cara started, moving the cursor, "I find a way to launch a command prompt program."

She clicked an options button, and with a few clicks was quickly rewarded.

"I have no idea what that is." Raygo said flatly, "What's it going to do?"

Cara tapped away at the keyboard, frowning.

"I'll have to overwrite a few files, reboot, see where it goes."

She shut it off and turned it on again, tapping her fingers impatiently against the desk.

"Yes!" she exclaimed triumphantly, "Now I can just run the net user command, and pretty much write myself a new password."

Cara stopped for a moment, before continuing to type.

"Password: R-A-Y-G-O. Enter."

She shut the program and, entering the new password, crossed her fingers.

A loading screen appeared and, after what felt like forever, a home screen appeared.

"You...did it." Raygo said in disbelief.

"I had a lucky password." Cara admitted, "Now...let's see if we can't find our plant-loving friend." 

The End

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