Cara Riesling - 19 hours until impact

Cara slowly regained consciousness, groaning when she felt the pain in her head.

Being knocked out multiple times in the same day wasn't exactly fun. Not to mention the fact that her arm was still bleeding. And it hurt. A lot.

She pushed herself into a sitting position, finding Raygo unconscious a few feet from her.

"Hey, are you okay?" she asked, poking him with her good arm.

He made a noise that she assumed was one of waking up, and she took the time to survey their surroundings.

They were in a large glass cylinder of sorts, with a strange machine attached to the top that would effectively block their escape. Great.

Cara touched the glass, wondering how much force would be needed to break through, when she saw the robot shuffle into sight.


It punched something into a panel beside the cylinder, and Cara watched, curious.

"What's going on?" Raygo mumbled from behind her, his words slurred.

"I'm...not sure." Cara replied, "But we should try and find Valyria. She's probably worried."

"Valyria? Worried?"

Cara would have laughed, but she heard the machine above them starting to whir. 

"That can't be good."

Raygo got to his feet and put his hands against the glass, concentrating.

"I can try to melt a way out. I don't know how well it'll work..."

It was then that she noticed the foreboding cloud of green descending from the machine.

"I..." Cara started, holding her bleeding arm, "I think we're being gassed."

"Jesus." Raygo muttered, "This place is full of death machines."

Soon after, the coughing began.

Cara had been in the process of binding her arm with a torn part of her shirt, wincing at the effort, when her throat began to tighten.

She barely had time to tie the final knot before she was wheezing, clutching her stomach.

" make this go any faster?" she asked, between coughs.

"I'm...trying..." he coughed back, his hands glowing against the glass.

"Maybe...we should...hold our breath?" Cara suggested, holding her tank top over her nose and mouth.

Her eyes were tearing up. After a few minutes her lungs were screaming for air.

She turned to see how Raygo was doing when she realized he had stopped, in a coughing fit.

Cara stared at the machine above them. She raised a hand, coughing into the other, and focused.

Please, please work.

The End

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