Cara Riesling-20 hours until impact

Valyria seemed to be having a bit of trouble.

Cara watched in mute interest as she seethed each time her plants happened to disintegrate within moments of touching the strong-smelling water, growling out a number of dark threats to no one in particular. She stopped trying eventually, but the look on her face was priceless. 

"How about I try getting down there?" Cara offered, when she was sure that the entertainment had ended. 

Valyria only glared. That was probably a yes.

Summoning the odd, buzzing feeling that triggered her abilities, Cara slowly pulled the crumpled metal sheet she was standing on into the air. The platform wobbled and shook relentlessly but, taking a deep breath, she willed herself forwards and down, into the sewage tank, and towards the dried drain hole in its side. 

The metal clattered against the wall and she jumped off of it quickly, breathing a sigh of relief as her feet connected to concrete. 

Cara turned and looked up at the other two, enjoying their looks of disbelief.

"Not bad, eh?"

Raygo offered her a standing (well, not like he'd be sitting in that sewage) ovation as Valyria rolled her eyes. 

"Just find a way to get us there." she droned, combing through her hair with her fingers.

Cara glanced at the sheet still hovering just outside the tunnel and let it rise into the air, moving it so that it floated at the muck by their feet. 

"Hop on!" she yelled, "I'll float you down here!"

Valyria gave a 'you're crazy' look and shook her head. 

"You'll probably drop me, with your wacked-up powers. I'm not touching that thing."

Cara shrugged and shifted it towards Raygo.

"Guess you're first, then."

He stepped onto it and grabbed the sides as soon as the platform rose into the air, a surprised look on his face. Cara felt herself shrink at the difficulty of lifting the added weight, but steeled her nerves and focused on keeping the metal still as it drifted downwards. 

Raygo quickly hopped into the tunnel, letting the metal float back up to Valyria. 

Cara was starting to feel sweat bead along her forehead, breaths becoming shallow. Using her abilities was having a draining effect on her, namely when it involved moving objects that were only part metal. Flesh and bone didn't automatically pull towards her like steel did, they were extra weight that crashed into her shoulders like a herd of elephants. 

Or a herd of Raygo and Valyria's. 

She waited somewhat impatiently until Valyria hopped tentatively onto the platform but, raising her hand, felt it shake uncontrollably and fall to her side. The metal didn't move an inch. 

"I don't think I can do this, Raygo." she said in a small voice, disappointed in her own weakness.

No reply.

Cara turned, gasping as she saw him on the floor, unconscious, a blunt object suddenly connecting with her head and making the world go black. 

The End

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