Valyria: Poison

Valyria stopped short of the exit, preventing herself from falling down along with the waterfall of sludge into the dark ocean of sewage. It must be the central sewage tank. The place where all of the sewage went. The tank was in the shape of a huge cylinder made of concrete that must have once been a lighter shade of gray. But now it was streaked with all sorts of different colors, black, brown, yellow and even some green? But right now, she had to figure out how to get out of here. Valyria peeked out of the tunnel, looking around to see if there was anything interesting.

Nope. Nothing but sewage.

Valyria wrinkled her nose at the smell. This was so nasty. They better find a way out of this soon or she might actually die from the smell. Valyria looked around. There seemed to be another sewage hole on the other side of the pool that had ran dry.

And abandoned hole? Perfect. It must lead out to somewhere.

“There!” She pointed and stepped forward on a bridge of vine. But just as she was about to step on, the vine shudder and collapsed, withering as it went. “What the...”

She tried again, this time making the vine even thicker. It didn’t last much longer and collapsed as well. Was it the vine? She tried it with a tree and then a large bush. They all withered and died a few seconds after they grew out from the sewage.

“I think the sewage is too poisonous for your plants to grow.” Raygo pointed out.

“Like you think I didn’t know that.” Valyria sneered back, slightly annoyed. Well, this was annoying. They would have to think of another way out. Unless of course, she found a way to grow her plants through the walls of the tank instead of from the sewage. But that ran the risk of breaking the tank and causing a flood of sewage, which was not something she wanted to look forward to. But also, the tank seemed to have extremely thick walls. She couldn’t even break a tree through them.

What a pain in the butt.

The End

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