Cara-23 Hours Until Impact

The trio had been walking ages, their progress slowed considerably by the murky water surrounding them. Cara was panting from the exertion, wincing each time her foot happened to squish into something unseen below. It was quite horrifying, to say the least, to have nothing but her imagination and the rancid smell to guess what she was stepping in.


Cara glanced up at the sound of Valyria’s voice, eyes widening and the squelching forgotten. There was a light filtering into the tunnel, quite close by. An exit.

“Race you there!” Cara yelled, pushing forwards with newfound vigour.

Valyria let out a gruff sound of disapproval, her sarcasm echoing through the walls dancing with the water’s reflection. Cara kept running, smiling and laughing giddily. She heard a splash and turned to see Raygo jogging beside her, laughing just as hard.

“You’re pretty slow,” she taunted, slapping the surface of the water with a hand, “This is one race you’re gonna lose.”

With that Cara paused in her movement, held out a hand and, making a metal panel in the wall rip out, willed it towards her and jumped on top of it. A thought made her eyes flush silver and the sheet beneath her sped forward on the surface of the water, making her blonde hair whip out around her and her knees bend automatically.

The air suddenly crackled with an odd noise and, turning, Cara could see Raygo speeding down on the surface of the water, creating a path of ice as he did. Valyria was keeping up effortlessly on a massive, twisting vine, face painted with boredom. Cara bent further down and, gripping the edge of the metal, willed it to jet forwards, pushing her into the lead once more.

She laughed mockingly, but, lifting her head, froze. They had reached the exit.


The End

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