Big Explosions - Sorta

Raygo - 24 Hours till impact.

"Great, we're in the sewers again." huffed Valyria. 

"At least we have Cara." Stated Raygo. He wasn't sure what stating the obvious would do to help their situation, but he sensed Val was frustrated and didn't want to upset her.

"Thanks for saving me. Those Robots are creepy." she shivered.

"Whatever," Valyria muttered. 

Above them, where the trap door had been slammed shut, Raygo could hear the small muffled sounds of metal clawing at metal: the robots were trying to figure out a way in. At least they weren't swamped in darkness anymore. Raygo's glowing hands and Valyria's plants lit the area fairly well.

"It won't be long till those bumboes up there find a way in." Valyria said, "We need to get out of here."

Raygo was wondering whether he should state something obvious.

"Cara, have you managed to get control of your powers?" Asked Valyria

Cara shook her head, "All I've managed to get kidnapped and slow us down."

"24 hours remaining till impact." The motherly voice of the computer echoed throughout the sewer. 

"Great." Valyria said, "if you had your magnetic abilities Cara, you might be able to blast the doors open."

"Well then." Raygo looked at Cara, "What are you have trouble with?"

"What do you mean?" Cara looked up at Raygo. She was sitting on a rock, her arms wrapped around her legs.

"Well, um, what is stopping you from using your powers?"

"I don't know how to use them." She answered with a hint of frustration.

"I mean how have you been trying to use them before?"

"Oh..." she tapped her chin for a moment, "I've been trying to, I don't know how to describe it, shoot power from my hands?"

"Oh, that's now how you do it," said Raygo, "at least not how I've been doing it." He trudged through the sewage closer to Cara, "What you need to do is calm yourself, and clear your mind. Here, outstretch your arms and close your eyes."

Cara followed Raygos instructions. Raygo helped get her blonde hair out of her eyes and said, "Now, clear your mind, ignore all thoughts, and relax. Breath slowly, and go into the deep darkness of your mind. Try to tap your power, like you would a memory."

Cara's breathing slowed and deepened. Her eyebrows were scrunched together, and Raygo could tell she was concentrating hard. Valyria was watching silently to the side, now sitting crossed legged on a large leaf sprouted from one of her plants.

"Once you tap that power, the before you know it the power will unleash like it's a skill you don't think twice about." Raygo was surprised at how good he could describe it. It was a very awkward and unique thing. 

Suddenly, the doors began to creak. Raygo looked up and saw the doors were bending. Cara's power was working.

"Keep going Cara, you're doing it." 

Cara squeezed her eyes shut. The doors kept whining. Valyria and her plant started to move away from the door. The metal was now beginning to tear and ripple. "She's doing it Raygo she's doing it!"

Finally, the doors blasted open. Raygo jumped on Cara, helping her duck out of the way just in time as one of the doors flew overhead. They splashed into the water together, Raygo's body awkwardly on top of Cara's. 

"I'm sorry." Raygo apologized, blushing and quickly scrambling to get off of Cara.

She sat up and laughed. "It's okay. And hey, I can use my powers now!" She stood up and started skipping. "We might actually get out of here!" she hollered.

Raygo laughed too, watching Cara skip around with joy like a bunny in a meadow. Valyria started to lead the way down one of the tunnels. "I think this is the best route to take. I can see a light up ahead." With that she started walking ahead.

"Amazing powers you got." Raygo said, looking at Cara. Then she took a turn to blush.

"Thanks for showing me how to use them." She replied. Then the two walked together down the tunnel, following Valyria as they waded the ugly waters. 

The End

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