“We need to get back up into that room. There’s no other way.” Valyria finally said exasperated.

“But how?”

Valyria shook her head. She had no idea. And she didn’t feel like thinking either. Dying here? Didn’t seem too bad. But as she thought, there was a loud cracking sounds from far down the sewers.

“What was that?” She said whipping her head around.

Raygo shook his head in confusion.

“I don’t know.”

“It better not be some sewer robot.” She muttered as she crept towards the noise. It was coming from where they landed. As they got closer, the sound got louder and louder until Valyria notice a large beanstalk growing out of the ground. There. That would be their solution.

“Up! Climb it!” Valyria shouted as a large beanstalk pushed itself out of the ground. “This is it! We need to get out now!”

Raygo was right behind her as they scaled the large beanstalk.

Great. Now I feel like I’m in a fairytale. Valyria thought. Who knew what was going to happen back up there. Maybe they’ll meet a gold hoarding giant.

The beanstalk broke the trapdoor and grew out into the room. She hopped out of the sewers just in time to see Cara held by a robot.

“You jerk!” Valyria screamed as she slammed into the robot sending it flying.

Subject B-34 has been MALfunctioning. Immediate extermination required. The robot whirred softly before it died down in the corner. Just then, eight more doors in the room opened and rows or robots began flooding into the room.

“Oh god.” She whispered with Raygo just climbing out of the sewers. “Back to the sewers!” She shouted, grabbing Cara’s arm and pushing Raygo backdown. Cara made a face.

“You two smell.”

“Well, you will too.”

Then she jumped.

The End

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