Cara Riesling-26 Hours until Impact

They were gone. GONE. Cara paced the room anxiously, peeking into every crevice in sight.

“Raygo? Valyria?” she called for the hundredth time, voice hoarse.

No reply. Just like all other ninety-nine times she’d called out. Darn.

Security Mechanism 3829 activated.

Cara looked about suspiciously at the sound of the robotic voice, afraid that another bin with arms would jump at her. The laser burn on her arm still stung-no, burned-and was bleeding steadily through the hand she’d clasped over it.

A loud groaning suddenly sounded around her, followed by the grinding of metal against metal. She had only a moment to realize what was happening before the furniture all started sliding in, some crushed already. The walls were moving in, the ceiling and floor coming together. She would be crushed.

The first few heartbeats of her time were spent desperately searching for a switch, but it was hopeless. When the room was reduced to the size of a closet, Cara just sat and sobbed, burn forgotten. It was over. All over.

Wiping her tear-stained face, Cara stood, hunched over to fit, and continued her searching, being forced to sit as the room shrunk further. Her knees forced to her chest, she could feel the searing pain starting to spread through her limbs. Please be quick, she prayed silently, quick and painless.

It was when the metal began to scrape her skin that a humming spread through her, a crackling, jumping hum. It rose to a low whine, and then the sound of static was clear in the air. Cara let out a scream as the energy built up, an inhuman, almost metallic scream. A blinding light filled her eyes and, feeling he energy rush out from her, Cara blacked out.

Cara woke to a blinding light and, on top of that, the whirring of metal. She was no longer in the room with the beds, that was for sure. She moved but, finding herself bolted down, could only look on in confusion. Her arms and legs were clamped down on a dentist-like chair, a tray of terrifying tools beside her.

Subject I-41 has regained consciousness.

A robot wheeled over to her, bending down and inspecting her with a single camera-lens eye.

Experimentation may continue.

The robot picked up what looked like a collar, attaching it to her neck. Cara tried to use her abilities to move the thing away, but the collar only tightened on her neck as she did. The robot attached a series of monitors to her skin, white stickers attached to long wiring. It took one of the tools, a massive metal syringe, and approached her, blind to her fear.

Cara’s screams were audible far outside the room.


The End

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